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IV Nutritional Therapy 

IV Nutritional Therapy is a safe and effective method for replenishing the body’s vitamins and nutrients. It can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions.
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How Does it Work?

 IV Nutritional Therapy works by introducing nutrients directly into the bloodstream, avoiding the gastrointestinal system, allowing higher volumes of the nutrients to be absorbed by cells.

About Us

The Epigenetics Healing Center emphasizes the importance of optimizing your health. For over 8 years our functional medicine clinic has helped patients all over the world and look forward to optimizing your health!


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What to Expect?

Your journey will start with an initial consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, Laura Amos. She is thrilled to be part of The Epigenetics Healing Center team and excited to work with you to optimize your health through IV nutritional therapy.   


The initial consultation with Laura will be 30 minutes long. We ask that you fill out the new patient paperwork prior to the consultation so she has time to review your unique situation. During the consultation, we will determine the right vitamins and nutrients to introduce into your system and also determine if there is any laboratory testing necessary.

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