Ladies Night of Pampering and Wellness

Ladies, we know you want to live your best life! Living your best life is trendy on social media and it sounds amazing! We also know it is a lot easier said on social media in gorgeous filtered pictures, exciting posts, and trending hashtags! Reality can be very different. And what does that even REALLY mean? How do you live your best life? Are there secret ingredients?

Actually, there are ingredients and while they’re not really secrets, it’s how these ingredients fit together to give you the best possible life. Your best possible life has one core ingredient and without this one, your best life will never be possible: your health and the health of those closest to you.

So, join Dr. Goodbinder and his staff for a night of pampering where you will receive FREE healthy indulgent snacks, a chair massage, and more! We’ll be celebrating women, wellness, and sipping some Raw Organic Cold Pressed Juice! Dr. Goodbinder will explain how to take the shortest distance from where you are to where you want to be, “Living Your Best Life!”


1. NO MORE BARRIERS! How you can exceed your medical standard of care.

2. ANTI-AGING! We’re talking about the INSIDE and OUTSIDE aging. Internal aging is actually a thing! Our internal systems age, just as our external systems do! In fact, our internal systems aging are the ones that can cause BIG diseases down the road.

3. EMPOWERMENT! Your health and that of your family is the most important thing to you! The better educated you are, the better choices you can make. If you’ve been struggling with an unresolved health issue, or anyone in your family has, we can shed light on why healthcare has failed you in the past. Want to avoid disease? Dr. Goodbinder will give you a specific understanding of what it takes.

4. STRESS! Dealing with it in a healthy way. Decreasing the biochemical burden so you can have better relationships with loved ones and be more efficient in your daily life.

We have goodies!

Each lady in attendance will receive the chance to enter our raffle to win one of two goodie bags! Each goodie bag is a $487 value and gives you 2 FREE hyperbaric oxygen therapies, and a $30 gift card to G and B healthy foods and a free 1 on 1 (bring a spouse or loved one) consultation for 1 hour with Dr. Goodbinder.

This event is sponsored by The Epigenetics Healing Center. Once registered you’ll receive a courtesy call from a team member to confirm your identity and reserve your spot.

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