Finding Answers for Asthma

Mature Woman Using Her Inhaler Because She Suffering From AsthmaAsthma affects tens of millions of people in the US every year, and the number is steadily increasing. Those with Asthma can experience challenges in enjoying their quality of life and have difficulty doing things that many people take for granted. There are dozens of medications designed to treat Asthma symptoms, but the majority of them do not address the cause of the condition as it relates to the individual affected. Our office specializes in natural approaches to treating disruptive conditions like Asthma. If you want to learn more about how Epigenetics Healing Center can help you, here are a few things that separate us from traditional approaches to Asthma and how we can help you.

Common Asthma Treatments

There can be many reasons why Asthma develops. In some cases, there are environmental irritants that trigger symptoms. In other situations, Asthma symptoms can appear because of diet, lack of sleep, stress, or other reasons. 

There are many medications for Asthma out on the market. Many of them have the same goal: to stop the sudden onset of symptoms such as narrowing the bronchial tubes, making it a struggle to breathe. Remedies can range from rescue inhalers to nebulizers, but these treatments focus on the result of an undiscovered issue that hides beneath the surface. As the actual reason behind Asthma symptoms stays out of sight, you may find yourself going through a frustrating gauntlet of medications that buy you some time until your next flare-up.

Finding What Works Best

Many people accept the fact they must adapt to a daily regimen of inhaled medications to keep their Asthma symptoms at bay. Here at Epigenetics Healing Center, we believe in addressing issues at the base level to give you long-term relief. We don’t think every case of Asthma is the same, so we work diligently to find a customized treatment for your situation. For instance, we will take a thorough look into mineral deficiencies that may trigger your Asthma, as well as find a unique mix of supplements that can help fill in the gaps where your diet may fall short. 

The first step in finding possible causes for Asthma is to talk to one of our experts. Please schedule a consultation by calling our Kansas City office at 816-673-1230.

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Dr. G

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