Chiropractor in Kansas City, MO

The Epigenetics Healing Center is now proud to offer Chiropractic Care from nationally recognized chiropractor Dr. Patrick Russell DC.

Meet the Doctor

As a former high-level athlete and cross country runner, Dr. Russell was inspired by the way his team’s chiropractor helped athletes stay at peak performance and decided to follow the same path. He received his doctorate at Logan Chiropractic College and quickly went on to become the track team chiropractor for the University of Missouri in Columbia, and then team chiropractor for the UMKC Roos men’s basketball team. Dr. Russell has also trained under the lead chiropractor for the U.S. Olympic weightlifting team.

Areas of Expertise

• Back, shoulder, and neck pain
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Joint issues
• Hip problems
• Sciatica
• Headaches/migraines

Now as part of the Epigenetics Healing Center, Dr. Russell is an apex chiropractor who brings his extensive expertise to our patients. He is as adept at adjusting as he is performing muscle rehab (on everyone from the elderly to elite athletes) and is passionate about helping people achieve a better quality of life, free from pain.

Are you ready to restore your life?